Thursday, June 29, 2017

$82,000 per year for Nursing Home??

From Wednesday's Wall St Journal.  Headline "Nursing Homes Balk at Senate Bill".  The nursing home industry is largely paid for from Medicaid and the industry fears the reductions in Medicaid funding will cut into their revenue.  Tough.
   I can send a child to college for only $40,000 a year.  You'd think all those PHD college profs, and all those overpaid and useless administrators would be more expensive than staffing a nursing home.  Put another way, that $82,000 a year comes out to $224.65 a day.  I can rent a first class Washington DC hotel room for half of that.  I means these are nursing homes, not hospital ICU's.  They provide a room with a bed, maid service, three squares a day, and somebody on the front desk 24/7 in case of emergency.  Somehow I think you could do that for  DC hotel room rates. 
   Note to self.  Hope my health holds up so I can die peacefully in my bed at my home.  Plead with my children to take me in should I no longer be able to shop and cook for myself. 

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