Friday, June 30, 2017

You cannot pay for healthcare by taxing healthcare

Every dollar sucked out of health care by Obamacare taxes, causes the health industry to raise prices to get even.  Obamacare had a bunch of taxes on healthcare, there was a medical device tax, a cadillac plan tax, personal tax for being uninsured, and some others that I have forgotten.  The healthcare reform bills before Congress would zap all the Obamacare taxes.
  The democrats are crying and calling this "a tax cut for the wealthy".  Yeah right.  Democrats always say that any tax cut is "for the wealthy". 
   They ought to pass a one page bill that says "Obamacare is completely revoked, repealed, null and void.  All Obamacare offices are closed, their personnel must be laid off, their files burned, and the buildings are to be sold.  All Obama care regulations are hereby rendered null and void. 

Pass that.  Then if you have the votes, pass separate  laws on pre-existing conditions, children remaining on the parent's policies,  make health insurance premiums deductible on income tax, fund opioid treatment, and any other little Obamacare goodie you like.  If you have the votes. 

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