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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Susan Rice rides again.

I never expected to see Susan Rice on the Sunday talk shows again.  Not after her Benghazi lying tour a couple of years ago.  But there she was, on Meet the Press this morning,  looking and sounding like an administration pundit.  She went on and on about how ground troops were not necessary against ISIS.  For some reason that I don't understand, she, and the rest of the administration still calls the enemy ISIL rather than the ISIS used by all the media.
   I wonder how many people out there believe anything she says?  

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Congress didn't pass enough laws this year.

So said the newsies on Meet the Press this morning.  They thought it was terrible that Congress only passed 143 laws this year.  Gridlock was blamed.  None of 'em admitted that neither party has the votes to jam it's program thru. 
  Actually, I like gridlock.  Most laws Congress passes do bad things to me. They raise my taxes, they forbid me to do harmless things,  they give handouts to corporations,  they throw people out of work, they raise prices, and they waste money on boondoggles.  Bridges to nowhere, wind farms, resurfacing I93 again.  We citizens are better off when Congress doesn't pass more laws. 
  And, the Republican controlled House has passed all, or most, of the appropriations bills needed to fund the government next year.  The Democrat controlled Senate has passed none.  This will cause another one of those "continuing resolutions" to keep the government's doors open.  "Continuing resolutions" are bad for tax payers.  They read "You, government agency, may keep on spending as much as you did last year."   Facing a $5 trillion deficit, we ought to be making some cuts somewhere.  There ain't no cut in a "continuing resolution"  Democrats love that. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Would you let your son play football?

That was the topic on Meet the Press this morning. After the weekly Chris Christy bashing of course.  It went on, and on.  Some how in 10 minutes of talk, no one actually said what could be done to make the game safer and less concussion prone.  New equipment?  Rule changes?  Banning Astro Turf?   Nor did anyone show statistics on the dangers.  Is playing football really more dangerous than just driving to work?
   There were some vague references to "helmets" and "rule changes" but nothing specific.  For instance how well does a regulation football helmet stack up against a Snell approved motorcycle helmet?   What actions might be forbidden by rule?  Eye gouging?   Judo throws? 
   In ten minutes of blather, nobody said anything specific about changing the way the game is played.  Or anything specific about just how dangerous it really is. 
   As for me, my high school played soccer instead of football. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Words of the Weasel Part 31

We have Senator Chuckie the Schumer on NBC saying "The IG cleared Eric Holder on the Fast and Furious matter."  Not true.  The guilty agency, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, works for Holder.  It's part of the Justice Department, of which Holder is the head.  Doesn't matter how much whitewash the Justice Department IG uses, Holder, as head of the department is responsible for the actions of all his subordinates.  Holder is personally responsible for what ever his department does.  His job is to insure that laws are not broken by his people.  He has plenty of Assistant Attorney Generals to keep track of every office.  If BATFE did it (which they did) it's Holder's fault.  By definition.
  It's so good the learn that a US senator doesn't understand this.  And it's so good that New York voters keep electing this turkey.

Words of the Weasel Part 30

Distraction.  David Gregory's word for the IRS scandal, used this morning on Meet the Press.  Lefties love it, distraction sounds so much nicer than scandal. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Actually, I'm looking for scalps

Talking head on Meet the Press this morning speaking of the IRS investigation said "It depends upon whether you are looking for facts or looking for scandals."  Well guy.  I'm not looking for either, I'm looking for scalps.  I want the people who did it fired and prosecuted.  The two resignations so far, old turkeys within weeks of retirement, don't impress me.  There is a chain of command, an organization chart, that  shows who those clerks in Cinncinnati reported to,  and show who their first level supervisor reported to, and who their second level supervisor reported to, going right on up to to top.  Every one in that chain of command ought to be fired.  Either they knew about it and should be fired for ordering it or ignoring it.  The ones that claim they don't know anything about it should be fired for incompetence, they should have known what was going on in their own organization. 
    About 20 to 30 firings will throw a scare into the rest of the IRS bureaucrats that might keep 'em straight, for just a little while. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lying on TV

NY senator Chuckie the Schumer was on Meet the Press this morning.  Chuckie claimed credit for $1.4 trillion in "cuts".   In actual fact the Feds plan to spend more money this coming year than they spent last year  That's not a cut, that's a hike.  To have a US senator call it a cut on national TV is an outright lie. How can voters make intelligent choices amid a thicket of lies?

Sunday, December 23, 2012

NRA meets the Press

David Gregory had Wayne LaPierre, NRA chief, an the show as a guest this morning.  Despite a lot of badgering from Gregory, Lapierre did pretty well defending his position.   He, and the NRA, advocate stationing armed policemen in schools to defend them against homicidal maniacs.  In actual fact, this would be pretty effective.
   It would be expensive, although not as expensive as the TSA grope and scan operation.  My little town has a single school and a 5 or 6 man police department.  We would have to hire at least one more officer.  Neighboring Bethlehem has three schools, and would need to hire three more officers. 
   Not so clearly stated, is the NRA's objection to an "assault weapon" ban.  "Assault weapon" is a propaganda term.  There are no objective differences between deer rifles and  "assault weapons".  The NRA fears that an "assault weapon" ban would broaden to ban deer rifles and eventually all firearms.  And, in fact, that is the gun control people's plan.  The gun control people know they can't pass a law to ban all firearms in one fell swoop, so they will use the camel's nose in the tent strategy.  Ban a few at a time.
   In real life, all firearms are deadly, and the Connecticut shooter would have killed as many no matter what sort of gun he used.   Calling the 22 caliber semi automatic rifle he did use an "assault weapon" makes it sound like the weapon is responsible for the killing, not the homicidal maniac pulling the trigger.   

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Pundits

Good old David Gregory on Meet the Press.  He is interviewing Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel.  Gregory asks Netanyahu "Aren't you trying to interfere in US elections when you advocate establishing "red lines" for Iran?" 
   Netanyahu politely changes the subject.
Gregory then asks "Don't you think Mitt Romney would make a better president than Obama?"
   Netanyahu politely changes the subject.
Gregory then asks  "Didn't Obama throw Israel under the bus?"
   Netanyahu politely changes the subject.
Far as I am concerned, Gregory was baiting the Israeli Prime Minister, hoping he would say something damaging to Israel on American TV.  Netanyahu is old enough and wise enough to avoid sticking his foot in his mouth, but it was not a friendly interview.  And Gregory is not a trustworthy newsman.  He is partisan, out grinding his axes.  Apparently Gregory is on an anti Semitic kick this Sunday.