Sunday, December 30, 2007

Blomberg News, fair and unbiased?

I am watching Washington Week with Glen Ifill this morning. Gwen has Genenne Zacharias of Blomberg news on, and Genenne is talking about the Bhutto assassination. "It's a terrible setback for George Bush" says Genenne.
Setback for Bush?? It's a tragedy for Bhutto's family, Bhutto's party, all of Pakistan, all decent Muslims everywhere, and for the United States. But Genenne has her red and blue sunglasses on and just sees something to bash Bush with. She faulted Bush for dealing with a Pakistani politician who got herself assassinated. Which is kind of dumb thing to say.
Benizar Bhutto was an important Pakistani politician with a strong following and, had she lived, would have been able to share a great deal of power with Musharref. Pakistan is a very important Muslim country and any responsible US administration will maintain close ties with major Pakistani politicians.
But all Blomberg news can see in the assassination is a setback for Bush, they don't see it as a disaster for everyone except Al Queda.

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