Monday, December 24, 2007

Chevy Volt

Long story about Volt development. Has lots of interesting things but says nothing about the battery. Chevy is hoping for "triple digit" fuel mileage. Battery mileage is more of interest. Car batteries here and now last 4 winters and then need replacement for 50 bucks. Lithium ion laptop battery life is not well established, but they cost 50 bucks to replace. If a laptop lithium battery costs that much, how much does a car sized lithium battery cost? And how long will it last?
And what about the fire hazard? There is some neat video floating around of a lithium battery laptop bursting into flames on a conference room table. What's that chances of a Chevy Volt doing the same? Especially after hitting a pothole at speed?
Electric cars aren't difficult to make, it's just they are low performance. Golf cart is about the best anyone has managed so far. Better batteries are needed to exceed the golf cart level of performance. Without better batteries, for get it.
Question, are the better lithium batteries going to be available?

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