Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Troublesome Young Men by Lynne Olson

An account of how the British dumped Neville Chamberlain and called upon Winston Churchill to fight WWII. A crucial turning point in history. Chamberlain represented a sizable group in the British establishment who were as anti war as the America Firster's over here. These people were sympathetic to the Nazis, closet anti-semitics, and upholders of class privileges. Their war policy was that of a turtle, keep your head down, wait for it to blow over. Had this happened, history would be all different.
Hitler came very close to winning WWII. Had Britain withdrawn from the war in 1940, it would have freed up a lot of German military power which would have been added to the assault on Russia in June 1941. That offensive reached the outskirts of Moscow. Just a tiny bit more fighting power and Guderian's panzers would have taken the Soviet capital. It is unlikely that the Soviets would have survived that blow, leaving Hitler master of Europe all the way to the Urals. Following the Pearl Harbor attack, the Americans would have turned all their force upon Japan. Why intervene in Europe when the British had given up?
After smashing Japan, the United States would have then used nuclear weapons to deal with any back talk from the 3rd Reich.

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