Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jeremiah is not a bullfrog, he is a toad, Part 2

I watched Barack Obama, live on Fox news, attempt to head off the Jeremiah Wright disaster.
Obama delivered his usual masterful oratory. He deplored Wright's incendiary sermons, talked about his upbringing and family, talked about the ugly history of recism in America, talked about a lot of good sounding things. But he did not repudiate Wright. In fact he compared Wright to an old family member, and said Wright had done good things for his parishioners. According to Obama, the good in Wright outweighs the bad.
Well, that's loyal of Obama, but it surely casts doubt upon Obama's judgment of people. If he hangs around, and hangs onto, superstitious, lefty, hate mongers like Wright, what sort of appointments would a President Obama make, to the cabinet, the courts, and the bureaucracy?
Video clips of Wright calling upon God to damn America, blaming 9/11 upon us the victims, and spreading the superstitious rumor that AIDS was created by the CIA to kill off blacks, put Wright beyond forgiveness. In mouthing these outrageous smears and slanders, Wright is hurting his own parishioners. The "blame everything on Whitey" idea sucks life and ambition out of many American blacks. If it's all Whitey's fault, then what good does it do to strive to make a better life for yourself? Thomas Jefferson had it right, "All men are created equal". Those who believe in Jefferson are motivated to work hard and pull themselves up the social and economic ladder, because they figure to make themselves the equal to anyone in the country.
Wright is undoubtedly a charismatic and charming man, but his ideology is destructive. Obama seems to value Wright's charm and charisma and put up with his ideology. Do I want a president making appointments on the same basis?

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