Friday, March 21, 2008

Smart Fortwo is a minicar

WSJ has a short review of a tiny weird looking two seat minicar from Daimler. Also has a weird name. No back seat, it's as tall as it is wide, tiny little wheels, a rolling joke for looks.
OK, so it's wierd, does it save on gas? Not really. Reviewer reports 32.4 MPG. Hell, my Cadillac Deville gets 27, what kind of gas milage is 32.4?
Is it fun to drive like the old VW bug? Apparently not, despite an advertised 70 horsepower (double that of the old VW) the reviewer complains of inadequate top speed. Then he explains that the automatic transmission (slushbox) doesn't select the right gear all the time. For a parting shot the reviewer laments the lack of power steering. Wimp.
Cost $12,235. I bought the Deville (used, but a creampuff) for $9000. What would you rather drive?

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