Monday, March 17, 2008

What the car you drive say about personality?

Dr. Helen Reynolds derides the idea here. She is correct that automobile marketers will at the drop of a hat, explain how buyers of their car share a long list of wonderful character traits. The Toyota Prius hybrid is used as an object lesson. Prius owners are said to be creative, expressive, noble, thoughtful inventive and a lot of other feelgood things. Obviously Prius marketing is working over time here.
On another level, there is a difference between guys and girls tastes in cars. Certainly this reflects some real personality differences between the genders. Unmarried guys like to drive big flashy hot rods. Big engine, extra chrome, mag wheels, painted in bright primary colors, sharp styling, stick shift. Once married, the wife will tone done hubby's automotive tastes. Women like small[er] cars, could care less about the engine, extra chrome and mag wheels. They like muted pastel colors, styling doesn't matter much, and they demand automatic transmissions.

Guys are willing to spend money on cars rather than on clothes, whereas with girls it's the other way round. Guys fancy clothes are quite restrained, dark suits, white suit and tie. No jewelry except wedding and college rings. Girls fancy outfits are much more flamboyant.
All this must reveal some deep inner gender based personality difference. To bad nobody has ever figured out just what it is.

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