Monday, May 26, 2008

Border Patrol Checkpoint in I93

Driving down I93 I encounter a big flashing sign "Be Prepared to Stop". The south bound lane is blocked, Blue cop car lights are flashing. So as a good law abiding citizen I slow down and take my place in line. A Border Patrol officer asks if I am a US citizen, I reply "Yes Sir" and he waves me right thru. I must have looked respectable, driving a decent looking sedan with in state plates, and speaking with an American accent.
Wonder what happens to scruffy teenagers in beatup vans? With accents? Is a US driver's license good enough to keep them out of trouble? What happens to passengers without driver's licenses.
This roadblock was a hour's drive south of the Canadian border.

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David said...

Hi, I've seen these checkpoints before and had to go through them myself. I view them as a total waste of taxpayer money not to mention being completely ineffectual. I also view them as unconstitutional. I committed no crime yet I was stopped by the police. I was in the adirondacks this weekend and there was a checkpoint on I87, at least 75 miles south of the border. My friend and I made a point of going around it (it was quite easy) just to prove how useless it is.