Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Narnia, Prince Caspian

If you liked the first Narnia movie, go see this one. It has the same cast (plus a tall dark and handsome Caspian), it follows the plot from the book (mostly), the CGI talking animals are beautifully done. Sets, props and costumes are superb. Susan and Lucy wear floor length medieval gowns that are very becoming. Peter and Susan look much the same, but Edmund and Lucy are noticeably taller and older.
The movie makers sort of assume that the audience has seen the first Narnia movie and/or has read the book. Continuity is a little shakey, if I hadn't seen the first movie and recently reread "Prince Caspian" I might have failed to follow all the plot twists. (The Ring movies had this problem too) . The transition from the London Underground to Narnia happens so quickly, and with so little foreshadowing that the audience is left wondering how that happened. The surprise air assault upon evil King Miraz's castle fails because Caspian goes to revenge himself upon Miraz rather than opening the castle gate to let the main force of Narnians inside, a duty he had been assigned in the pre-mission briefing. Somehow this gross dereliction of duty on Caspian's part is overlooked by all.
The Talking Mice are wonderfully done, the dwarves have a lot of good lines, and there is plenty of action. The evil King Miraz looks the part, complete with pointed beard and a low forehead. Susan gets to kiss Caspian goodby right at the very end, just before she and her Pevensy siblings step thru an interdimensional gate that takes them back the the London Underground station.
I enjoyed it. Today I got a "join Netflix" junk mail. I looked thru the 100 movies on Netflix and decided that "Prince Caspian" was a better movie watch than 99 out of 100 on the Netflix list.

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