Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Boston Globe discovers that boys and girls ARE different

Larry Summers please come home. All is forgiven. As you may or may not remember, Larry Summers was driven out of Harvard's presidency a few years ago for thought crime. Summers speculated that the domination of science and technology fields by men might stem from some innate difference between boys and girls, or men and women.
Now the Boston Globe runs an article supporting Larry Summer's speculation. Wow. Conceptual breakthrough. The Globe finally figures out something that any parent knows. Boys like different things than girls do. Boys like gadgets, tools, engines, noise makers, cars, balls and ball games, athletics and sports, running around and general purpose hell raising. Girls like clothes, babies, boys, dancing and nest building. Girls disapprove of fighting, whereas boys enjoy it.
Any parent knows all this. It's obvious to me that boys take to science and engineering as just a grownup extension of their childhood passions. Girls by and large find science and engineering boring. Now this profound wisdom has penetrated the deeper recesses of the Globe newsroom.

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