Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chevy Camaro

Nice set of pictures here. Not a bad looking car. Wouldn't mind buying one just for the cool of the thing. I have to wonder about the horsepower claims on the V6. 300 horse from 217 cubic inches is 1.4 horsepower per cubic inch. That's a lot. Used to be hot rodders were doing well to obtain one horse per cubic inch and still have an engine smooth enough to drive in the street and pass inspection. I notice the V6 has double over head cams, 11.3:1 compression and the 300 horse is only obtained at 6400 RPM. The overhead cams are what lets the engine rev up that high. In the old days a push rod V6 wouldn't rev to 5000 RPM, the valves would float long before 5000 RPM was reached. Getting an 11.3:1 compression engine to run on regular gas is a trick for which Chevy is to be complimented.
Weight is 3750-3860 pounds for the various models. Wasn't clear about the weight of the V8. If the heaviest 3860 pound car has the V8, then Chevy has done a nice job keeping the weight down. It may be,since the V8 is optional at extra cost, the weight figures shown are for the 300 hp V6. That makes power to weight 12 pounds/horsepower with the V6, which is very hot indeed. My 99 Caddy Deville is about 18 pounds/hp and offers sparkling acceleration. The Camaro at 12 pounds/hp will be a hellova lot hotter. The V8 at 422 horse is overkill for anything but racing.
Gas mileage (26 mpg) is disappointing. The Deville gets 27 mpg highway. You would think a lighter car with a smaller engine would do better than a 10 year old Caddy. Not that anyone buying a hot rod like this really cares about a few mpg, but still.

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