Saturday, July 26, 2008

The left cannot let it go

Woke up as usual to Vermont Public Radio, except, just for this day I set the radio to chime in at 0400 in the morning. At that early hour, VPR is channeling the BBC world service. And the BBC is running a story about the Rosenburg espionage case. Groovy. The Rosenburgs, Ethel and Julius, were sent the the gas chamber 50 years ago. The jury convicted them of passing the secrets of the atomic bomb to the Soviets. The judge felt that giving the deadliest weapon in history to our mortal enemies justified the death penalty. Fifty years ago the left conducted a furious defense of the Rosenburgs to little effect. But why is the leftist BBC bringing up the story again? Events of half a century ago are not news. There are plenty of current stories with a good leftist slant they could have run instead.

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