Saturday, July 19, 2008

Those that can't do, complain

Our energetic Democratic US reps, Hodes and Shea Porter, are complaining that the Low Income Heating Emergence Assistance Program (LIHEAP) bill pushed thru by Senator Judd Greg isn't big enough, according to the Union Leader. Greg's bill is $5 billion, the dems are whining because it isn't $9 billion. Jeeze, do something right, and they complain that it isn't better. Hodes and Shea Porter ought to be passing bills rather than complaining about those that do pass bills.
Of the $5 billion, some $50 million will come to NH. Divide $50 million by $2400 (my estimated oil bill for this winter) and that is enough to help 20,000 families. That's a start. Drop the restrictions on oil drilling and watch the price of heating oil come down. Then it will help even more families. Where are Hodes and Shea Porter on dropping oil drilling restrictions?

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