Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Hampshire Wind Power 2009

According to the Union Leader, a state permit to put up wind turbines in Coos County was approved. The developer had to file a mitigation plan for that all purpose project slowdown bird, Bicknell's Thrush. This magical bird held up the Cannon Mt land swap for years, and now appears to be hard at work slowing down another project. Bicknell's Thrush did not exist until 1998. Prior to 1998 it was considered to be a member of the Gray Cheeked Thrush family. After Bicknell's Thrush was declared a seperate species in 1998 it was declared endangered.
With a state permit in hand the developers now need to obtain federal permits. Lenthy comments attached to the article complain about the terrible esthetic damage the project will cause. Other commenters feel the project paperwork was rushed thru improperly.
No discussion of costs was furnished.

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