Monday, July 13, 2009

US Rep Paul Hodes, Welcome to the Twilight Zone

Got a letter back from Mr. Hodes this morning, in response to a letter from me asking him to vote against the Cap and Tax energy bill.
"A recent study estimates that this bill would create 1.5 million new American jobs."
"The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has shown that this bill will actually save American families a net average of $3,500 each year by lowering their energy bills."
In 2010 we gotta elect someone, anyone, whose brains are not made of solid concrete.

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Anonymous said...

Cap and tax is a LIE, an ugly Obama, democratic LIE. The fact of the matter is that ever since that scoundrel AL Gore made his miserable cheating, lying film, 'An Inconclusive Truth,' the liars and scoundrels have been hounding us common-sense citizens into accepting their twisted and perverted view of Global Warming as an excuse for world governace.