Wednesday, June 8, 2011

CEO of Government Motors calls for gas tax hike

Story is here. Aren't you glad to have your tax dollars bail out this company? Also note the comments on this article, most of them are in favor of the proposed gas tax hike.


Evan said...

Yeah, it makes zero sense...

I understand that automakers are afraid of the price of oil dropping which lessens the demand for their new electric/hybrid cars. I think more fuel efficient cars are great, but I don't want the US to turn into the lunacy of taxes that is in the EU.

Dstarr said...

I guess. When gas is affordable people buy more pickup trucks and SUV's which have a better margin than econoboxes. If the GM CEO had a brain, he would understand that. When fuel cost more, people drive less, their cars last longer, and hence new car sales go down.
The guy running GM is supposed to be looking after the interests of GM, not the interests of the Sierra club.