Thursday, June 23, 2011

Home sprinklers defeated

The nation's fire men have been pushing for installation of sprinkler systems in all new residential construction. They pushed hard enough to get a sprinkler requirement into the national fire code a few years ago.
This requirement would jack up the price of a new home by $5000 and bring you tasteful chrome sprinkler heads in the living room ceiling. Political pressure from home builders and ordinary citizens got the NH legislature to pass a bill forbidding cities and towns from requiring sprinklers in new residential construction. Our governor, Lynch, vetoed the bill a few days ago.
Fortunately, the legislature was able to over ride the governor's veto yesterday and New Hampshire homes can remain free of mandatory and expensive sprinkler systems.
Now if we can only find the votes to override Lynch's veto of right-to-work.

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Harry said...


All building , fire ,electrical, plumbing and any other codes are illegal. Reason being they are copyrighted. Read and study the State Constitution. All code enforcement is done by reference. The way I understand it, an enforcement officer can not legally give you a copy of any code, without permission. The Constitution prohibits a monopoly and the emolument of men or class of men (corporations).