Monday, August 29, 2011

All we got was a barograph trace

My barograph shows a dramatic dip, bottoming out a full inch down, around 6 PM last night. Other than a lot of rain, that was it, no wind, no lightening, zippo. We did have some flooding on rivers, but I'm up a thousand feet in Franconia Notch, so the rain all runs down hill away from my house. Except for the Cannon Cloud I'd have sunshine this morning. Electricity stayed on, not even a blip all night. I can tell, when the power goes blip, my clock radio forgets everything, clock setting, alarm setting and station settings. Clock radio was right at it, only at 6:55 the NHPR station in Lebanon 91.3Mhz, was off the air. They recovered and were back on the air by 7:30.
Bottom line, Irene was more TV news hype than hurricane.

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DCE said...

Believe it or not the only really high/gusty winds we got down here on the south side of Winnipesaukee took place late Sunday evening for about 2 hours, long after the rain ended and Irene had pulled away.

We got quite a bit of rain, but not more than what we would see from a Nor'easter. Let's face it, we lucked out, unlike Vermont and upstate New York.