Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Romney Campaigning in New Hampshire

The event was at the Littleton Diner, as nostalgic a piece of up country color as you can ask for. It's been there for 60 years that I know of, and looks like it will be in business for another 60. It's was raining. This picture was taken a hour before anyone arrived. By the end of the event the rain had dried up and there was a crowd filling the sidewalk.

Romney left the suit coat behind and dressed for the occasion. We don't wear suits to the Littleton diner much. Romney merely called for each voter present to tell a little bit about himself, state concerns and ask questions. It was a Republican crowd and they had a lot of concerns about jobs and the economy, very few about wedge issues. Romney spoke well and connected with the voters. Everyone agreed that Romney would make a fine president, a real improvement over the incumbent.

Parents brought children. All the local Republicans showed up, including yours truly.

Romney drew a decent crowd. There were as many voters present as press and the place was packed. It 's not a very big place, but it is the traditional place to campaign in Littleton.

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