Thursday, August 25, 2011

Is it coming? Hurricane signs

Sky in Franconia Notch was crystal clear and blue yesterday morning. By evening a high thin cloud layer, and some cirrus clouds had moved in. Wind picked up so much I had to furl the sun umbrella on the deck lest it be blown away, and take in the flag. Today we have a solid overcast (the good old Cannon Cloud is back) and it's getting warmer and moister.
So much for junior Maine Guide weather signs. The TV shows a blizzard of computer predicted tracks making landfall any where from the Carolinas to Cape Cod. We are 150 miles inland from Long Island Sound, the most likely hurricane track to hit up here. After that much overland travel, it ought to be nothing more than a lot of rain.
So I took stock and went to the store. Hit the State Liquor Store and then Mac's Market, got enough to go til Sunday in case the weather gets really ugly. It's nice to sit back and watch the rain fall knowing you don't have to go out food shopping in it.

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