Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ford's admen ride again

A week or so ago I twitted Ford over their ineffectual TV ad for an SUV.  This morning comes word via NPR that Ford India had done worse.  They chartered the JWT agency to do some ads.  JWT came up with an ad to show how big the trunk was.  The ad showed three women, bound and gagged, being loaded into the trunk.  Apparently Ford never actually ran this ad, but copies of it leaked out to the public and caused a furor.  It got so bad that Ford is publicly  apologizing for the ad. 
   Great thinking Ford.  Sell cars by showing them used for crime.  Even though V8 Fords were Bonnie and Clyde's favorite getaway cars, Ford never mentioned this in ads.  Let's be charitable and put this down to Indian Ford executives who presumable are less sensitive to public values than American ones. 
  Mulally ought to schedule all his execs for remedial ad creation 101.

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