Friday, March 29, 2013

The Economist admits Global Warming Ends

Breakthough.  The Economist has been strong for Global Warming for years.  They like cap and trade, carbon taxes, alternate energy, CAFE and all that politically correct stuff.  In this week's issue they finally admit that global temperatures have been flat since 1998.  Seas ain't gonna rise, we will have snow for skiing and enough cold weather to make the sap rise so we can make maple syrup.  They show some graphs of world temperatures with a flat top for the last 15 years. 
   They have no idea why this is happening.  All the computer models predict warming.  Measured atmospheric CO2 is up, reflective aerosols are down.  But the decline cannot be hidden any longer.
   The global warming skeptics have been soap boxing about the lack of warming for some time now.  To have a pro warmist magazine like the Economist pick up on it means the data is fairly convincing.
  However, we must not let our guard down says the Economist.  That nasty warming might come back.  We need to keep inflicting economic pain upon ourselves just is case. 

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