Sunday, March 31, 2013

Robo Disk Jockey is broken

The Notch, FM 106.something is a strange FM station.  It plays decent pop music with very few commercials or station breaks They don't do news, best we get is an occasional weather report.  I don't know what their business plan is, they don't run nearly enough ads to pay their electric bill.  To cut costs they don't have a disk jockey, they have some kind of robo player that keeps the music coming.
 Only, robo player broke down yesterday.  The music is shutting off at random, in the middle of a tune.  After some minutes of dead air, the next tune begins to play.  They apparently don't have maintenance people.  I'm wondering how long they will last.  Is someone trying to fix it, or have they gone out of business except someone forgot to turn off their transmitter? 

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