Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Hampshire Director of Tourism

Victoria Mumble-Mumble was the name given on NHPR this morning.  Newly appointed by governor Maggie Hassan.  She had a bright young thing voice and spent her air time pushing a plan to increase out-of-state students in New Hampshire colleges.  Not a bad idea, but you'd think the schools would have this obvious play pretty well covered by now.
   They did mention a few numbers.  Tourism is New Hampshire's #2 industry, bringing in $4.7 billion in revenue.
   Not a word about skiing, hiking, snowboarding, fishing, snowmobiling, leaf peeping, or climbing, the real tourist draws in New Hampshire.  No mention of the new state liquor stores on I93, the tourist railroads, Strawberrie Bank, or even funding for the highway rest areas.  Our tax money at work.

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