Thursday, December 11, 2014

Torture Report runs interference for Cromnibus?

TV newsies have been totally consumed by the "Torture Report".  The report itself is 6000 pages long, and nobody, but nobody is gonna read thru that.  So partisan pundits have attacked from the left and the right, and the citizen is left with nothing factual, just heated opinions.  The newsies love this story and allow it to drive everything all off the news.
   Meanwhile, lame duck Congress is passing a $1 Trillion dollar appropriation bill, the "Continuing Resolution/Omnibus Spending Bill".  It will fund the entire federal government for a year.  That's a staggering sum of money.  Spread out over 1600 pages to make it difficult-to-impossible to figure out who gets how much.  Enough pork to choke a hog can be hidden in 1600 pages.  Nobody has read this monster flimflam either.  Nobody knows what's in it.  A few staff people know that their bit of pork got stuffed in, or got dropped on the floor, but none of 'em know the whole story.
   There must be some bad stuff in there if they think they need the Torture Report to hide it.
   Not the way to do business.

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