Sunday, December 7, 2014

Shipping is the secret to Internet shopping

Doing my Christmas shopping.  Mostly on the internet this year.  No more trips into Washington St, Boston, struggling thru the crowds at Filene's Basement, looking for interesting things at Raymond's.  Big attraction of on-line.  They do the wrapping, the packing, the postage, and getting it to the Post Office.  It's great, click on it, type in your credit card, and it's done.  When all my children are scattered across the country, from sea to shining sea, that's a lot of trips to the Post Office. 
   Plus, there aren't any interesting places to shop up here.  Walmart has great prices, but few things anyone would like to receive as a gift.  The interesting cookware shop in Littleton is gone.  The Village Bookstore is just coming back to life.  LaHoute's is still here, but that's sportswear, for which you need sizes.  Which few of us have. 

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