Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Jaguar SUV??

Jaguar??  SUV's?   The XK120s XK150s and XKEs are rolling over in their graves.  But I saw a TV ad selling a Jaguar SUV.  Who wants a Jaguar SUV?  Should I want an SUV I want a real SUV with a nameplate like GMC, Ford, Chevy, not Jaguar (or Cadillac or Lincoln).  Jaguar means sports cars and luxury hotrod sedans.  I owned a Jaguar 3.2 liter sedan once.  Nice car, black, chrome wire wheels, leather seats, walnut dash, OHV straight 6 with an oil leak that would not quit. 4 speed with overdrive.  Troubles it had, power brake booster quit, a wheel came off, the hood latch failed on the road letting the hood blow clean off, heater and defroster worthless in a Minnesota winter, wire wheels were not strong enough, corner the car hard and you could hear those little ping noises as spokes broke under strain.  
   So Jaguar stands for elegance, sportness, and flakiness.  None of which I want in an SUV.  SUV's want to be rugged and reliable. 
   Good luck Jaguar, or Tata who bought Jaguar off the Brits, selling SUVs under the Jag name. 


DCE said...

Of course there has to be a Jaguar SUV. After all, what are all those British movie bad guys supposed to drive when the Jaguar coupe just won't do? They don't seem like the black Escalade types to me. So it makes perfect sense for them to ask for a Jaguar SUV.

C'mon, Dave, get with the times!

Dstarr said...

"The Bank Job" was the last British bad guy movie I saw. The bank robbers peeled off driving little Mini-Coopers, one Mini Cooper per bank robber. They did a lot of fancy driving, up and down stairs and I forget what else. No way could they have done those stunts in an SUV, even a Jaguar SUV.