Wednesday, July 5, 2017

NORKs are gaining on missiles to nuke LA

They tested a missile yesterday that has the range to reach Anchorage Alaska.  Won't take 'em long to stretch the range enough to hit LA.  They have nukes.  If we let them proceed, get the nuke mounted on the missile and the range stretched just a bit, they will be a helova a lot harder to deal with.  You cannot threaten to do regime change on a regime with nukes.  They will nuke you.  We ought to deal with the NORKs before they get their nuclear tipped ICBM into action.  Like right now. 
   We have tried diplomacy, lets make a deal, for twenty years.  The NORKs never lived up to any of the deals they signed.  They aren't going change.
   We could start up the Korean War again.  This is so awful that nobody wants to go there.  The NORKs have more guns and stuff than they did back in the 1950's.  South Korea's capital is within artillery range of North Korea.  Needless to say, the South Korean are not in favor of having Seoul shelled into ruins. 
   We could do a surprise air strike to take out their nuclear and missile facilities.  Most people think the NORKs are so dispersed and so dug in that we couldn't destroy enough facilities to do any good. 
    We could attempt to destabilize the NORK regime.  Looks chancy, the Kims (Grandfather, Father, and Son) have been arresting and executing their political opponents for 60 years.  I don't think there are enough left alive to do us any good.
   We could pressure the Chinese to cut off the NORKs supplies of food and fuel.  The Chinese like having the NORKs around.  It gives them a buffer between the pushy South Koreans, who are hand in glove with the Americans.  And they enjoy having the NORKs sticking it to the Americans while their own hands remain clean.  Trump has tried, and all he has gotten is lip service. 
  We could tell the NORKs that the next missile we see standing on a launch pad gets attacked, right then and there. 
   We could off Kim Jong whats-his-face.  That would destabilize the heck out of the NORK regime.
   Anyone have any other ideas?

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