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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Questions they didn't ask Hillary

Hillary ventured onto Fox News last night, got interviewed by Brett Bahr and Greta van Sustrend (sp?). I watched. The questions not asked:
1.  Why no rescue mission to Benghazi that night?
2.  Why were two US general officers in the theater relieved of command the next day?
3. Who turned down Behghazi's requests for more security before the attack?
4.  What was a big CIA installation doing in that sinkhole?
5.  What was the US ambassador doing there that night?

Hillary is not an inspiring speaker.  She uses the bafflegab technique, utter a lot of big words to say little or nothing.  She was evasive, seldom answering the question, instead launching off into vaguely related side issues of little interest.  Brett and Greta were polite and their questions were fairly easy, even for a democrat.
I'm wondering if Hillary OK'ed all the questions beforehand as a condition of coming on the show.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bob Beckel inserts foot into mouth

Beckel, the token liberal on Fox News's Five, said something really dumb last night.  He trashed Bush for not using enough troops against Iraq.  Really Bob.  The force we sent overran the country, seized the capital, and drove Saddam Hussein  into hiding, all with in a matter of weeks.  That's a crushing victory by anyone's standards.  Which means we sent enough soldiers to do the job. 
   I'll grant that we didn't handle victory as well as we should have, but that's not a matter of boots on the ground, that's a matter of heads up and locked. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The American Dream still works

The Wall St Journal editors, speaking on Fox News yesterday brought up a cool US Treasury study.  Two economists, who work for the Treasury, did a ten year study of tax returns.  They found that filers in the lowest tax brackets, a full 70% of them moved up in income over the ten years.  A citizen born into the bottom of the economic ladder has a 70% chance of pulling himself up inside of ten years.  
   They also studied the "1%" that Obama has been bashing so heartily.  They found that 30% of the taxpayers in the 1% bracket, were no longer up there ten years later.   In short, the "1%"  are not guaranteed to stay there.  They have a 30% chance of slipping back down the income ladder. 
   Hmm.  70% odds of moving up from the bottom.  30% odds of slipping back from the top.  That sounds like opportunity ain't dead yet. 
   If Obama could stop screwing up the economy, so we could get some growth, things could get even better.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Big Split between Dems and Republicans & Independents

On Fox, the carried Obama's State of the Union shindig.  They played that popularity graph that Bret Bahr has been showing on the 6 o'clock news, the one derived from Bing.  It plots Democrats, Republicans and Independants feelings about what is being said.  Blue for Dems, Red for Republicans, Green of Independents.
   Usually, on the evening news, the chatty time with Charles Krauthammer, Ron Williams,and others, all three groups track pretty close,  indicating general agreement among all sides about what the Fox talking heads are saying.
   Not so last night.  The running graph showed the Dems loving Obama's every word, with Republicans and Independents detesting them.  Big split.  Polarization shown graphically. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

A leak in the NORK

Tom Clancy lives.  We have a source inside the North Korean government.  Clancy's Agent Cardinal comes back to life.  If true, this is fantastic, the stuff of spy stories, right up there with the Oleg Penkofski story.  US senator Chuckie the Schumer (D-NY) revealed this tantalizing bit of news this morning on national TV. 
    This might explain the Justice Dept snooping on AP and Fox reporters.  Leaking the NORK source is big enough to get usually sensible law enforcement people to do foolish things.  Law enforcement probably didn't have a clue as to who the leaker was.  So they decided to snoop reporters email and cell phones,  to find out who the reporters had been talking to.  This is strictly illegal.  Fourth Amendment says "No Warrents shall issue, but upon probable cause." 
  So they trumped up espionage charges against the Fox News reporter in order to get a judge to issue the search warrent.  And that is how Holder can say with a straight face that he had no intention of prosecuting reporters.  Well, no, he didn't plan to prosecute them, he just wanted to snoop their email and cell phones.