Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Questions they didn't ask Hillary

Hillary ventured onto Fox News last night, got interviewed by Brett Bahr and Greta van Sustrend (sp?). I watched. The questions not asked:
1.  Why no rescue mission to Benghazi that night?
2.  Why were two US general officers in the theater relieved of command the next day?
3. Who turned down Behghazi's requests for more security before the attack?
4.  What was a big CIA installation doing in that sinkhole?
5.  What was the US ambassador doing there that night?

Hillary is not an inspiring speaker.  She uses the bafflegab technique, utter a lot of big words to say little or nothing.  She was evasive, seldom answering the question, instead launching off into vaguely related side issues of little interest.  Brett and Greta were polite and their questions were fairly easy, even for a democrat.
I'm wondering if Hillary OK'ed all the questions beforehand as a condition of coming on the show.

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