Thursday, June 19, 2014

Does New Hampshire care about an immigration bill?

If you believe Glenn Reynolds and Mickey Kaus,( I do) an immigration bill was what toppled Eric Cantor, number 2 Republican in the US House. 
Question:  Is an immigration bill that important up here?  If so, what should be in it?  Considering that we are far from the Mexican border, in fact about as far away as you can be and still be a US state.  The Quebec border is only a hour's drive from here.  Of course you don't hear all that much about illegal immigrants from Canada.  There must be some, but they sure don't make the TV news. 
 There are several issues that might be addressed in an immigration bill.
1.  Do something about the 10-11 million illegal immigrants already here.  Partly this is a matter of plain humanitarianism.  Right now they are outlaws. subject to jail and deportation if they come to the attention of the authorities.  A simple traffic stop can lead to deportation.  Democrats are in favor, 'cause they think the illegals will all vote democratic if they ever become citizens.  Republicans seem to be OK with this 'cause they think it will  improve their Hispanic community vote.  Business is OK with this 'cause it offers them a lot of workers, willing to work for less. 
2.  Increase the number of H1B visas granted.  H1b visas let engineers, computer programmers, and other skilled technical workers come and work in the US.  Business is strongly in favor.  US born engineers are less than enthusiastic.  In a related vein farmers and growers want a deal to let in more farm workers. 
3. Revise immigration laws to favor the young, the educated, the married with children, people who will contribute to the economy.  Current law favors the aged parents of  younger immigrants. 
4.  Increase security along the Mexican border to prevent more illegals from gaining entry.  The ultimate end of this policy will give us a Berlin wall stretching from San Diego to Brownsville.
5. Something else?

I'd be interested in comments on this one.  What do you think?

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