Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Iraq disaster is with us

And discussion about the wisdom of going to Iraq in 2003 is worthless now.  We did go to Iraq.  No one can change that now.  We cannot reverse decisions made in 2003 now in 2014.  That's water over the dam.  Talking about it won't change it.
Responsibility is discussing what we do now that it's hit the fan.  Not carping about the rightness or wrongness of  going there in 2003. 
   I don't see any good options.  The Malaki government isn't much good.  ISIS are terrorists.  The Kurds are the most reasonable party in the theater, but dealing with them will seriously disrupt our relations with Turkey.  We could send Petraious and Crocker back to pull the Anbar Awakening forces back together, but we would have to offer them Malaki's head on a platter to do much good.. 

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