Saturday, June 14, 2014

Obama visits an Indian Reservation, skips Williston ND

So Obama fired up Air Force 1 and went junketing.  He stops at some Indian reservation on the North Dakota/South Dakota border, and makes happy talk about improved education and stimulating the sale of Indian handicrafts.  Cool.  Youngest son, who is out there tells me this reservation only has about five maybe ten thousand residents, which ain't much.  Heck, Littleton NH has more voters than that. Hardly worth the jet fuel to fly there.
   Obama should have visited Williston, ND, a very small town, in the center of the oil field.  Williston has grown from nothing to 40,000 people in just the last couple of years.  Unemployment is so low they can't measure it, jobs for everyone, McD's is paying $17 an hour to start, and not finding enough people. 
    It would show our ivory tower pres what real prosperity looks like.   Of course, the Williston people aren't real Obama voters, and might start asking embarrassing questions for which Obama lacks good answers....


DCE said...

Walmart is paying between $17 and $19/hour in Williston..but we can't have that ruin the Obama narrative, can we?

Dstarr said...

If you are out of work, your best bet is go to Williston. You can land a job within a couple of days. Worked for youngest son, he's out there now.