Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Diane Rahm (NPR) raises questions

Clearly in response to that terrible accident on the New Jersey Turnpike, where a semi rear ended a van and put Tracy Morgan in the hospital and killed a good friend of his. Diane did a whole hour this morning about safety of the big rigs. 
   In an hour, she never did explain what Federal regulations say about driving hours.  Lotta talk about how the regulations should be changed, no explanation of what they are right now.  The trucker involved in the accident admitted to driving for 24 hours straight, which is very dangerous by any standard.  My personal standard would be never more than 12 hours behind the wheel, and eight hours of sleep before driving again.  Somehow in an hour of talk Diane never did clear up what the Feds require right now, but she was sure the regulations needed to be  tightened up. 
  Funny, except for that NJ Turnpike crash the other day, I always considered the big rig truckers to be safe and professional drivers, far better than the average driver of a passenger car. 

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