Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back to School

First we load the car. Boxes and trunks and bags and stuff, endless stuff. It filled the trunk, the back seat, the back window ledge, the floor in back. This is a big car, a '99 Caddy Deville from back when Caddy still made decent sized cars. Next morning the alarm goes off at 5 AM. Urrg. Grapefruit and eggs and bacon and coffee to keep us going. Put out three bowls of catfood for Stupid Beast.
Wheels turn by 6:30, the sun is up, and it being a holiday, nobody else on the road. Youngest son drives on the way down. He is getting better at it, only a few while knuckle moments as he drifts the Caddy around an off ramp posted for 40 MPH at 70 MPH, or hurls the car into a narrow slot between the Jersey barrier and an 18 wheeler at 75. New suspension bits and shock absorbers since last year have improved the Caddy's handling, the car felt better as youngest son pressed it hard.
We make good time and pull up at the Brooklyn dorm at 12 noon. Even find a parking space right by the door to ease the unloading hassle. The Brooklyn cops are still standing alert for the next Al Quada suicide bomber. Fearing an attack on their station, the cops have blocked off a public street to keep the truck bombers at bay. Having manpower to burn, the blocking is accomplished by parking two police cruisers, with policemen inside them, crosswise in Johnson St. These sentry posts are manned 24 7. There have been there since last school year. Anyone one sensible would have discovered that a piece of Jersey barrier is cheaper than a cop car, to say nothing of paying the cops inside the cop car. But this is New York.
Not to let the police dept do all the heavy spending, the NY fire dept is now buying Priuses. There was a nice new one parked in front of the dorm, with "For official use only" and "FDNY" painted on the doors. Priuses are very pricey. So pricey that the gasoline saving over the life of the car doesn't equal the extra purchase price. The city would save money just buying Honda Civics. Hell, they would save money buying Ford Crown Victorias.
To avoid driving all the way back on Monday, I arranged to crash at my cousin's place way out at the tip of Long Island. It's two and a half hours from darkest Brooklyn to Montauk. Cousin's have a nice place actually on the water. They have a deer population that won't quit. Five deer are eating the lawn, not fifty feet from the deck upon which we are having beers. I got some deer pictures, and not to be out done in the wilderness dept I showed them my pictures of bears playing on my front lawn.
Next day we all set off back to Franconia. $68 in ferry tolls gets the Caddy across two creeks and then Long Island sound. We get the 9 am ferry into New London and lead foot it up thru Worcester and over to I93. I get back to the chalet around 2:30 PM. Stupid Beast is over joyed to see me. She gets lonesome without her humans around.
And that's why no posts for Monday and Tuesday.

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