Friday, September 4, 2009

How to tell the Men from the Boys?

Simple. Men have power tools. I just acquired a vintage jointer. It was rusty and shabby but the price was right. WD-40, Scotchbrite pads and elbowgrease got most of the rust off the tables. Wiped it down with paint thinner and a rattle can of machinery gray got it looking nice. Took a belt sander to the wood stand and got the worst of the dirt off and gave it a coat of polyurethane varnish to keep it clean[er]. Removed all three knives and sharpened them with an oilstone and a home made jig. Spent quite some time adjusting the knife heights to get all three of them exactly the same height as the outfeed table. Found a replacement motor pulley, bought a new V-belt and now it runs nice and smooth.
Put it to use yesterday. Jointed all the pieces for a lathe stand I am building. It cuts smooth, no little ripply marks. Takes off splinters, dirt, those tasteful lumber yard markings and the otherwise old and tired wood looks fresh and clean. I should have got one a long time ago.
And it rounds out my mostly Craftsman shop. It's a Craftsman, from the 1940's, solid cast iron. Goes with my Craftsman radial arm saw, grinder, and bandsaw.

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