Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Champlain College

The car radio is tuned to NPR as I swish down to Plymouth on I93 the other day. A Champlain College (of which I have never heard) has some nice air time to explain/sell the benefits of the institution. The Champlain spokesman remarks that all incoming freshmen are required to take a written psychological evaluation test (Met-Riggs perhaps?) and then share their scores with their new roommate.
Wow. Glad I don't have to go back to college. Damned if I want to share my head shrinking score with anyone, let alone a new roommate, assigned to me by chance, whom I have never met before.
This Champlain College may turn out worse than University of Delaware, which was running an abusive student orientation/indoctrination program just last year. At Delaware the resident assistants told students that being white made them racist by definition, and asked improper questions such as "have you had intercourse yet".
With luck, youngest son will be graduated in two more years and safe from "educational" brainwashing.

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