Sunday, September 13, 2009

How to throw a Tea Party

We did it. Pulled off a good Tea Party in Franconia New Hampshire yesterday. Drew a crowd of 100 or more from a town with only 900 registered voters.
Step one, you gotta get a venue, a place to hold it. Since none of the organizers owned enough land to host such an event that means getting permission to use town land. According to the old Bethlehem hands, anything like this in Bethlehem has to go thru the board of selectmen. However in very liberal Franconia, all we had to do was schedule use of the town common thru the town recreation dept (Kim Crowell). One phone call and all was arranged. I still haven't heard from the Bethlehem selectmen. They are probably still plotting how to close the dump.
Step two. Publicity. You must complete step one first so you know where the event will be held. We used email, facebook, press releases in the local papers, fliers posted all over town and handed out at the town dump over the weekend.
Step Three. Gotta have a PA system otherwise no one can hear you. We borrowed on and the Franconia town common had electric power to plug it in.
Step four is a program. That's not so hard. We led off pledging allegiance to the flag, singing patriotic songs and then speakers. Speakers would step forward from the crowd. Taxes, deficit spending, health care, cap and tax all got lambasted properly. It was an issues oriented crowd. Talk issues and omit the politics of mutual destruction. Very few personal attacks on politicians, lots of attacks on policy.

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