Monday, August 9, 2010

Home Hobby Shop overkill

I have an aging favorite chef's knife, of the sort with wood handgrips secured with brass rivets. Over 40 odd years of dishwashering the wood had crumbled and was held in place with tape. To replace the simple wood handgrips seemed as easy job.
But it gets complicated. I special ordered the brass rivets from Lee Valley, $8 a pack. Right there I'm behind the power curve, the knife only cost $3.50 back in 1966. I needed the services of my radial arm saw, my jointer, my bandsaw, my drillpress, and my pad sander by the time the job was done. A lot of power tools to shape a couple of three inch long bits of poplar. Dunno how those colonial cabinet makers turned out high boys with nothing but hand tools.
But the rehandled knife looks fine.

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