Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is net neutrality ruining my broadband?

Dunno about the rest of you, but broadband service on Time Warner Cable is going down hill for me. Used to be you clicked on a bookmark and bingo, the site opened in Firefox. Now, as often as not, the website fails to open and you draw an error page indicating the site is unavailable. Pain in the ***.
Deteriorating service is either failing equipment or network overload. The TV signal comes thru just fine. The broadband goes over the same wires and amplifiers as the TV signal, so if the TV is clean, the network is OK too. So the trouble as gotta be network overload.
The traditional way of dealing with overloaded networks is to let the important traffic go thru now and send the less important traffic later. In my view, and the view of the ISP's, important traffic is traffic that a live human user is waiting on, and less important traffic is stuff that computer programs are buffering out to disk. Music and video downloads are the classic less important traffic.
But, the purveyors of music and video downloads screamed like wounded panthers and started up the "Net Neutrality" jihad. As of right now, the ISP's are under siege by the jihad and probably are letting the downloads block more important traffic.

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