Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Russians bid on the USAF tanker replacement

This is a little hard to believe, but according to Aviation Week, Antonov, the Russian airliner builder, is submitting their AN-70 jetliner for the KC-X tanker competition. The Air Force is hassling Antonov about timely bid submission. Bids were due at 2:00 PM, 9 July at Wright Patterson AFB. Antonov's bid got there but was stamped with a 2:05 PM arrival time, five minutes late. The Air Force is attempting to throw out the Antonov bid on this technicality.
I wish the Air Force luck. They have been bungling this needed tanker acquisition for nearly 10 years now. No matter how they play it, they will get sued on this one. Antonov will sue if their bid is rejected, Boeing and Airbus will sue if it is considered.
The thought of USAF flying Russian built aircraft boggles the mind.

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