Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Marvel Comics Superhero movie

Captain America. It was pretty good if you like that kind of movie. Better than Ironman, better than the last Spiderman. Once the movie gets past the origin story, it settles down to steady ass kicking and that's fun to watch. There is a girl friend, who has an impressive upper cut and a government model 45. She spends most of the movie making Capt America pay for an incautious office smooch with a passing blonde clerk-typist.
The whole thing is set in the 1940's and WWII. The vintage scenes are well done, I was unable to spot any anachronisms. It's in 3 D, 'cause every one is doing three D. I wish the 3 D thing would go away. The effects aren't that eye catching, the glasses are annoying and the theatre charges extra for 3D movies.
For opening night, the crowd wasn't that big, there were a lot more people last week for the third night of Harry Potter.

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