Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some Spending Cuts we should all agree to

1. Shut down the TSA. All they do is hassle passengers and molest small children. They have never caught a terrorist. It is passengers who keep airliners un hijacked. After 9/11 passengers know that it is death to permit hijackers to take control of an aircraft. They have taken decisive action (once involving a fire axe applied to a perp's head) several times since then.
2. Shut down BATFE. Before they started facilitating guns to Mexican drug lords, they brought us Ruby Ridge and the Waco tragedy.
3. Cut funding for CIA. They predicted that Saddam had nukes (weapons of mass destruction). They failed to predict the breakup of the the Soviet Union. They didn't have any agents inside Saddam's Iraq. They still work out of embassies. They claimed that Iran stopped building nukes. They attempted to destabilize the Bush Administration. With a record like that who in their right mind would believe any intelligence they furnish? Besides the NSA codebreakers and the recon satellites furnish the real intelligence.

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