Friday, July 15, 2011

Speaking of chargers

Would not it be wonderful if all the chargers would intermate? So one charger could run your Kindle, laptop, cellphone, Ipad, and camera.
This is technologically possible, all these devices use DC, at some where between 5 and 12 volts. Define a standard plug and receptacle and spec 'em all to work on 12 volts.
The electrical industry managed this trick 100 years ago, which is why light bulbs all fit the same socket and all appliance plugs fit the wall outlets.


Evan said...

But then how would the companies profit from selling replacement proprietary unique chargers for $40?

Granted you get chinese knock-offs for $10 on the internet (which is what I do) but, how many less tech savvy folks buy the $40 charger?

Dstarr said...

As a rule, you sell more product if things fit together. Any company whose business plan relies on rip off pricing for replacement parts will go out of business sooner or later.