Sunday, April 21, 2013

Photobucket needs to shape up.

I only use Photobucket  as a work around to some low speed websites that don't handle their own photographs.  High speed sites like Facebook allow up to just upload your photos to their site.  Low speed web sites don't accept photos.  You have to upload your photo somewhere else and post a "link"   (long string of characters that serves as the internet address of the photo) into the low speed site.  The low speed site  doesn't have to supply the storage to hold the all the bits that make up a picture.
   The first thing Photobucket did to raise my ire was to move all my photographs with so much as a by your leave.  That broke all the links to my older posts on low speed websites, making the pictures go away.  Thanks Photobucket.  I love you too.
  Then you ought to be able to organize your Photobucket, put all the pictures of the cat in a folder named cat, all the pictures of the model railroad in a folder named railroad, and so on.  Otherwise you have a huge bucket of photos and you cannot find any of them.
   Photobucket  offers a truly brain dead organization scheme.  You have to move photos one by one.  No highlighting of a group of pix.  No drag and drop. It takes six mouse clicks per photo to move it.  You cannot upload to a folder, all uploads go into your main bucket and have to be moved one by one. 

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