Saturday, April 27, 2013

Signs of Spring in New Hampshire

Spring might actually happen this year.  It was 60 here, snow is melted out except up on Cannon ski trails, and the yard sale signs were out.  Alder Brook Sportsman's Club had the annual range cleanup.  The dirt access road is dry enough to drive upon.  Some twelve members, and two big $20 K privately owned John Deere tractors  on fancy trailers showed up.  Between the tractors, the pickups, the SUV's and just plain cars there must have been $200K worth of machinery out there.
    By hand the range was raked, getting up piles and piles of broken clay pigeons and shot gun wads and shot cups.  The tractors graded the access road.
   I'm getting old.  I get tired from just swinging a rake, which didn't used to happen. 
   So we are ready for another season of shooting.

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