Friday, August 30, 2013

Brits bail on Obama

They showed it on TV, the British Parliament in session, tight small room with everyone crammed in face to face.  Prime Minister on the front bench trying to talk the members into supporting the American plan to do something in Syria.  He tried hard, he thought he had the votes, but when the vote was taken, it was a vote to stay out and let the Americans dangle in the wind.
   This is the first time in a hundred years that the Brits and the Yankees haven't pulled together.  We were so tight during WWII that the rest of the world called us the "Anglo Americans".  Since WWII the Brits have stayed really close, Brit authors do best sellers, Brit singers hit the Top Forty, Savile Row tailors out swank NYC tailors, Britain is a top tourist destination, Brit sports cars have more class than Japanese.  The relationship is so close that the Brits could be the 51st state. 
   Could it be that repeated insults from Obama have finally turned off the Brits?  There was that business about returning a bust of Winston Churchill, failure to send anyone to Maggie Thatcher's funeral, and doubtless some other snubs that I don't remember but the Brits do.  Obama doesn't like the Brits and he lets it show.  It's payback time.  It's dumb to let people know you don't like 'em.  Makes it easier for them to dump on you.
   Anyhow, if we cannot get our closest ally, Britain, to go along with zapping Syria over poison gas use, good luck anywhere else.

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