Friday, August 23, 2013

News for the Gun Controllers

The Christopher Lane killing in Oklahoma has provoked wide spread outrage.  As well it should.  The gun controllers are now using it as justification for taking guns away from the rest of the population.
   News Flash.  Oklahoma law a;ready bans minors from possessing hand guns.  So the 22 pistol used in the Lane killing was already illegal.  Not that being illegal means much. 
   Some newsies have expressed surprise that the killers had 50 rounds with them.  News Flash #2.  Fifty rounds is a single regular box of 22 ammunition.  The box is pretty small,  it will fit in your shirt pocket.
And 50 rounds ain't much.  I have shot off 50 rounds in no  time at all at the range.
   Other newsies have expressed surprise that "kids" could be so bad.  Those newsies must have led a sheltered life.  I grew up in a respectable Boston suburb.  There were kids that would get into plenty of trouble all by themselves anytime they weren't under a grownup's eye.  Hanging around with those kids was a quick ticket to juvenile court.  Part of surviving childhood was learning to identify and avoid those kids. 

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